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Nowadays cryptocurrencies are the hottest investment in the market, as investors, professional funds, account managers, and regular traders have already diversified their investment portfolios to include cryptocurrencies, either by owning cryptocurrencies or by trading cryptocurrencies ‘using different platforms available on the market today.

The combined market cap of crypto has increased to over 1 trillion.

Financial Freedom

The crypto market is completely decentralized, and therefore free from any government manipulation or interference. Now a diverse and sophisticated market in its own right and own rules, the world of crypto offers unprecedented trading opportunities.

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies With HouseFx?

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How does it work?

Cryptocurrencies are traded in lots, as generally, each lot size is equal to 1 of the base currency of the coin itself. For example,

Cryptocurrencies are traded in lots, as generally, each lot size is equal to 1 of the base currency of the coin itself For example,

How does it work?

You trade a 1 lot BTCUSD buy position when the exchange rate is 55125.10. This means your 1 Bitcoin is worth $55125.10.
The next day, the exchange rate has risen to 57125.10.
This means your 1 Bitcoin has increased in value to $57125.10, and you close the position.
Your total profit is, therefore, $2000.00 ($57125.10- $55125.10)

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies With HouseFx?

Cryptocurrencies are exploding and expanding every day. Buy and sell Cryptocurrencies on the HouseFx MT5 trading platform. Build your investment portfolio and enjoy the potential earnings of cryptocurrencies that are not offered by most exchanges, such as margin trading, instant execution, and high liquidity.

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile investment product.
No investor protection. Your capital is at risk

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HouseFx is a broker with an international reach

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