HouseFx - White Label Partnership
White Label Partnership

HouseFx offers MT5 white label partnership with regulated financial service providers.


A white label partner is required to have the right to operate the business of a derivatives issuer in its jurisdiction and must be an incorporated company. It will be incumbent on the business to prove there is extensive knowledge of financial markets, an ability to educate people of the benefits of trading financial products, a website to host the client version of trading platform and initial set up/maintenance fees. The white label partner must be able to meet all its statutory obligations and maintain client accounts and minimum reporting standards for client funds.


  1. HouseFx will provide a white labelled partner with a terminal version of MT5 trading software allowing the white label client to brand the platform with its own images.
  2. HouseFx can supply price stream and provide system support to the level required and agreed.
  3. The white label partner shall be responsible to accept and manage client deposits and manage client funds.
  4. The white label partner shall be responsible for client orders and deals tracking.

Risk Management and Liability:

Should the white label partner require, HouseFx can act as an execution broker. Should the white label client require such a service, then any transactions undertaken will be in accordance with HouseFx current trading practices, details of which are available. For trades not cleared with HouseFx, a transaction cost will apply.


  1. HouseFx has capability to offer higher spreads to the white label partner's clients.
  2. HouseFx can offer flexible terms and conditions.


Pricing is flexible based on expected activity and level of risk and control. Next Step A white label partnership does anticipate minimum standards of knowledge and control that can be discussed with prospective partners. As a first step, get hold of HouseFx a support@housefx.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do welcome your enquiry.

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