HouseFx - Elite Account Policy
Elite Account / order execution Policies

The rules below are subject to change at any time without prior notice. The latest rules posted on HouseFx official website shall always prevail. The client is responsible for regularly reviewing HouseFx website for any policy changes

Elite Account

  1. This account shall fall under the same legal requirements as all other accounts and are subject to all terms and conditions in the contract agreement with HouseFx.
  2. The spread is interbank spread.
  3. Swap applies to all products under the elite account.
  4. The maximum leverage is (1-500) subject to the approval of HouseFx management.
  5. Leverage choices are: (1-50),(1-100), (1-200), (1-300), (1-400), (1-500), (1-1000)
  6. USD 10,000.00 minimum initial deposit
  7. Phone dealing is not allowed
  8. No account opening fees
  9. No withdrawal fees applied from HouseFx
  10. The minimum contract volume per trade is 0.01 lot/contract, or 1K of base currency.
  11. The maximum contract volume per trade is 50.0 lots or 5,000,000 of base currency.
  12. Liquidation of Accounts
    • The account stop out level is when the required margin level reaches 25%, when this level is reached HouseFx will liquidate (close) all open position(s).
    • Pending orders at liquidation level may not be deleted if there are enough margins on account to activate these orders.
    • Pending orders at liquidation level will be cancelled if there are no adequate margins on account to activate the orders.
    • HouseFx will not allow any account to go into deficit. Should this occur, HouseFx will adjust the balance to zero and HouseFx will cover the difference.
    • Accounts may be liquidated according to the provisions within the Customer Agreement.
  13. A commission will apply on all CFD's on future products.
  14. Hedging is allowed.
  15. Trade netting / upon request
    MT5 features trade netting, meaning that if you place a BUY trade for 1 lot on EURUSD, and then a second BUY for another lot on the same pair, the initial order will automatically become a BUY trade for 2 lots of EURUSD, rather than 2 separate trades. In this case a volume-weighted average price is calculated for the position: (Price of the first deal X Volume of the first deal + Price of the second deal X Volume of the second deal) / (Volume of the first deal + Volume of the second deal).
  16. Pending Orders are allowed.
  17. Expert Advisor usage is allowed.
  18. Trailing Stops tool is allowed.
  19. Leverage
    The standard leverage for all trading accounts when established is (1-100) and may be changed by request through the client portal.
    Leverage Scale per order
    • 0.01 lot to 10 lots are filled on 1-500 leverage
    • 10 lots to 20 lots are filled on 1-300 leverage
    • 20 lots to 30 lots are filled on 1-100 leverage

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