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HouseFx is proud to offer our Customer Protection Guarantee to give you peace of mind when doing business with us. We value your business and the trust that you have placed in HouseFx. Let's work together to keep your assets safe and secure.

HouseFx will reimburse you for losses from unauthorized activity in covered accounts occurring through no fault of your own.

How do I get this protection?

We will ask for your cooperation with our investigation and may require you to take follow up actions. For example, we may ask you to have a professional computer security company clean your computer hard-drive or may ask you to file a police report, provide an affidavit, take steps to recover the funds from a wrongdoer known to you or sign a release. HouseFx will determine the applicability of the Customer Protection Guarantee and any reimbursement amounts based on the facts of your situation. We do not cover taxes, legal fees, lost opportunity costs, consequential/non-monetary damages or amounts that have been or are eligible to be reimbursed, for example, by a depository bank or through insurance.

What are examples of where I won't be covered?

If you grant authority to or share your HouseFx account access credentials or information with, any persons or entities, their activity will be considered authorized by you. Losses of cash or securities transferred to outside accounts that are beneficially owned by you are not covered by this guarantee. Also not covered is any activity by an employer/plan administrator, financial intermediary, or third-party who is authorized by you to access your data (or who received your data as a result of that access), or with whom you've shared your username, password, or account number, or from malware or a breach of security that affects the systems of any of those parties.

Here at HouseFx we take the security of client funds very seriously. As such, we have a set of measures in place designed to protect your investments. Segregated accounts are a key element of our financial security system.

How we provide such a high level of protection for our clients

Here at HouseFx we take the security of client funds very seriously. As such, we have a set of measures in place designed to protect your investments. Segregated accounts are a key element of our financial security system.

• Segregation of Funds

Client funds are kept separate from the company's and are stored with reliable banks in special accounts (called segregated accounts). The company provides for the full protection of client funds for as long as they decide to keep them with us. We do not use client funds for operational or investment purposes.

• Partnerships with banks

HouseFx works with several banks whose reliability is beyond question. You can find out more about these banks on our site.

• We use modern encryption technology

HouseFx uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic protocol, which provides secure connections for making transactions. Data is encrypted to prevent it from being stolen or accessed by third parties during its transfer. In addition to this, it's transmitted all at once to ensure that it remains intact.

In order to ensure that data is transferred between the correct user terminal and server, the identities of the communicating parties are authenticated using public-key cryptography.

• Transparent trading conditions and information policy

HouseFx does everything possible to ensure the business' complete transparency. We adhere to a strict set of financial standards and are obliged to periodically report our activities to the regulatory authorities.

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