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Note: instruments acticvated for trading are highlighted in green.

Swap Values in Points Trading Hours


Description Leverage
(up to)
(as low as)
Short Long Monday
Break Margin Requirment
(USD per lot) based
on 1-100 leverage
Cocoa US Cocoa 1-500* Interbank -0.5 -1.58 11:45:00 AM 8:29:59 PM - 2% of contract value
Coffee Coffee 1-500* Interbank -0.51 -1.54 11:15:00 AM 8:29:59 PM - 2% of contract value
Copper Copper 1-500* Interbank -0.53 -1.58 1:00:00 AM 11:59:59 PM Daily 23:59:59 - 01:00:00 2% of contract value
Cotton US Cotton No.2 1-500* Interbank -1 -3.3 4:00:00 AM 9:19:59 PM - 2% of contract value
Sugar Sugar #11 1-500* Interbank -0.13 -0.39 10:30:00 AM 7:59:59 PM - 2% of contract value

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